Body Art and Nudity go well together!

Most of these were found on various websites. Some of them are very funny. These consist of both tattoos and body paint. If you have any others similar to these (or even more graphic!) which show nudity, feel free to email me HERE! Enjoy!

Oh, and I'm specifically looking for a picture of "The Devil" in which a guy is standing nude and his penis is the "Devil's" tongue sticking out of his mouth. (Don't ask)

Update 1/27/05:
You won't believe this! I have had the above paragraph on my webpage for years and today I got an email from somebody who attached the picture I was looking for! Special thanks go out to Jay! You rock, and gave me quite the surprise when I checked my mail this morning. :P This picture goes first on the page now!

Thanks Jay!

Jesus, can you imagine eating THAT?

The one on the left is both amusing and creative.
But I would like to pet those doggies on the right.

Yea! Spread those... wings.. yea!

Gives new meaning to the term "spread eagle" (yes, I KNOW it's not an eagle)

Excuse me Miss, but your ass is exploding.

What Santa got for Christmas..

Meow. Sit on my face. Feed me some meat.

Siamese.. dogs? Um, yea.

Cat Woman from the 80s.

I love the nose :-)

Where life begins!

This is disturbing, but it's GREAT art.

Very cute. Small and subtle.

The wolf kinda kills this one, but it's a cute idea :-)