Odd eBay Auctions

Hi there. Isn't it fun when you're browsing eBay and you come across an auction for something so damn odd that you stop and scratch your head and wonder "What the HELL?" Well, I think so. Below are some of my favorites. I will try to organize them at a later date.

I am currently looking for one auction in particular where somebody I know was selling an O: line on irc.ais.net (if you don't know what an O: line is, that's ok). I would greatly appreciate it if someone would email me a mirror for that, hopefully it's mirrored somewhere. Feel free to email me other funny or bizarre auction mirrors, but if they contain images, please do not give me the URL unless the images are there. I will not add any more auctions with broken images. Email me HERE!

Thanks go out to www.WhatTheHeck.com for being a site where I snagged most of these older auctions which are no longer in eBay's database.

Funniest eBay auction I've ever seen - Beanie Babies
Hilarious. Selling a French battle flag :)
Someone's life for a year?
He didn't make it big I guess.
Air from Elian Gonzales' home town.
Asian slaves?
He is also known as Ass Man!
A complete bobsled team.
One freshly-picked booger!
A sibling.
A very experienced CEO looking for a job!
They're going fast!
Ever wanted to change lives with someone?
Some people just can't fucking read.
Elian Gonzales' raft!
Got a foot fetish?
One sick puppy.
Justin Timberlake's french toast!?
Computer nerd.
Uncle Bob's glass eye.
Ever wanted to sell a relative?
For the sick person in all of us.
Want to own some random guy?
If you ever wanted your ass kicked..
One genuine kidney.. didn't sell.
Some loser. You'll see why.
A generous mother.
A PDA unit made of.. butter?
A.. penis.
Would you pay to have an e-mail penpal?
One jar of feces.
A sandwich.
A dateless male.
Snow, and lots of it.
Sperm from "The Perfect Man."
A one-night stand.
This is JoFi from IRC.
One human testicle. Seriously.
A real time machine!
Urine, not for illegal purposes!
Ever wanted to take someone's virginity?
Evil Kitty.