Our House

This house has a story. When Eric, Jill and I lived in our old apartment and our lease was running out, we had decided to look for a house with Jon and another of their friends Eric, whom I had not met yet. We had already gotten denied for one house which we all had our hearts set on simply because we all worked for the same company. We spent another few days looking for houses, but time was nearly up and we had to make a decision. Either we (Eric, Jill and I) would stay in our apartment and Jon and the other Eric would get a place together, or we had to find a house we all agreed on and liked FAST.

In a last ditch effort, on my day off (while everyone else was at work), I printed out the latest house renting ads from bayrentals.com and saw a 5 bedroom house, 8 miles away, for $3500/mo, which at the time, was perfect for us. I gave Kim a call, met her at the house, took pictures, got some applications from her, and drove home. Within 10 hours, we had given her our applications, she checked us out, and we had the house. This is where all 5 of us have been living since last December.

To see our house mostly unfurnished, click HERE. I will try and get recent pictures up soon!