Eric and Jill

Man, they're so cute together. They've been together since January 1999, These two stick together more than anyone else I know, but they're perfect for one another. I love these guys.

Eric C.

Eric. I've known him for a while now. We met through our friend Sean, who we no longer see anymore. I guess we all just went our own separate ways. I've known Eric since he was starting 10th grade. It's funny, within a year and a half, we had already made plans to move into an apartment after he graduated. Well, that we did, 600 miles away, in Santa Clara, California.


Jon is truly an amazing person. Jon quickly became one of my closer friends because of his level-headedness and his open mind.

Eric F.

Eric rules. Not a whole lot else is necessary to say.

To see how our HOUSE looks unfurnished, click here! I'll try and get pictures of the furnished house up soon!