America's tragedy is felt by all the world...

Thank you, everyone, for your support during this difficult time.
Our hearts go out to each and every one of you.

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I am missing photo credits on a lot of pictures. I had no idea this page would become as popular as it has. I apologize. I have been spending all morning trying to get photo credits on the pictures where applicable, but many of the pictures were emailed to me without any info, so many will not have them. I apologize in advance. -- Ryan

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European Union


Munich, Germany


Minsk, Belarus


Jacques Chirac, President, France


Palestinians in East Jerusalem


Palestine school



Prague, Czech Republic


London, UK


Pristina, Kosovo


Zagreb, Croatia





Berlin Embassy



Berlin schools



Moscow, Russia - Embassy



Outside U.S. Embassy in Berlin



Outside U.S. Embassy in Berlin



Sydney, Australia



Prague, Czech Republic



U.S. Embassy in Stockholm, Sweden



I5, Ístersund, Sweden



U.S. Embassy in Warsaw, Poland



Youth in Tirana, Albania



U.S. Embassy in Moscow, Russia



Oslo, Norway



Iwojima, and flag at wreckage (by Joe Rosenthal, and Thomas Franklin of the Bergen Record)



The Kremlin



U.S. Embassy, Tel Aviv



U.S. Embassy, Tokyo, Japan



Oslo, Norway



United States consulate in Hamburg, Germany


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